So this is a tiny blog site. I have to write it because I shot my mouth off on a Whatsapp group. Basically, I said that I would be publishing my progress on a project online, and I would do so on a fibre-line that stays up during load-shedding.

Now I haven't done a blog thing for at least 10 years. A lot seems to have changed! For one, nobody seems to use a normal web-browser anymore. It's all about "Mobile-First Responsive Design" now. Which is just a fancy way of saying that people are probably going to be reading your stuff on a phone, so keep things short and to the point.

Given that advice, I'm going to try a web-creation tool called Grav. It is supposed to handle all the tech stuff for you, so that you can focus on content. Well, at least it looks as if promises haven't changed in 10 years... Here are my first posts: