Why does my OpenServe Fibre remain up?

So it seems that our OpenServe Fibre at home is somehow different. Many of my fellow residents say that when Eskom pulls the plug, their Openserve fibre follows suit. Ours doesn't. It happily continues. Even with the last 8 hour outage. Sure, I understand the scepticism. After all, Telkom is a State Owned Enterprise too (kindof at least). So what makes mine different from anyone else's? Or are we just too "dof" to realise that it is down? ;-)

The simple answer is: "I don't know". Why it doesn't go down that is. The "dof" part, nobody ever knows ;-) On the former, I speculate that it all boils down to the shown miscreant.

Yes, that neferious beast directly from the depths of hell!. During our last encounter aproximately 15 years ago, this ghoul tripped our power for the 3rd time in a day, causing me to lose critical work on my computer. I think it might still be lurking around its final resting place. This will be at the end of our garden, to which is was exiled in an uncontrolled eruption.

Since then our computers, network switches, routers and anything vaguely related are on UPS and inverter power. This means that when Eskom pulls the plug, my Openserve equipment remains powered and does not reset. I think it is this avoidance of reset that keeps the line up. A reset triggers a re-authentication against Telkom and/or your ISP's radius servers. It might just be that this process is not quite as robust as it should be and is temporarily overwhelmed by the power outage or surge in authentication requests.

It might of course also just be plain fear. I'd like to think that the iron's atonement for its sins might just rub off on the Opeserver equipment. Or some other "dof" reason. But yes, it really remains up.

2019-03-17 : So I got a Vumatel Connection over the weekend because the one from Openserve is too pricey. And our friends at Eskom are playing along with Stage 4 Load Shedding. Yes, that's awful, but at least I can use this to test what happens to Vumatel when there is a power outage. Let's see at 20:00 tonight...

OK, so our friends at Eskom and City Power interrupted our power this morning at 1:30. It is now 06:30. As with our other computer-related stuff, the Vumatel CPE is on inverter power, so it remained powered. Guess what? The Vumatel is also still up and routing traffic. Looks like they both stay up if you keep powering them. Or have an old iron buried in your garden...